Help Raise Medical bill for hippo-attack Victim

He fought hard to save his life from the vicious hippo. Not many survive an encounter with this dangerous beasts – and worse ‘Kamwana’ a serial human attacker in his teenage years. It’s the grim reality of human wildlife conflict due to conflicting interests.

Truth be told,they might not be doing a legal economic activity – poaching fish. But it’s not there own making – they’ve been trapped by poverty for generations.

I feel pity for Bill Kiptum alias “Masai” and I know you too feel the same – having shared this sad happening with you.

I’m requesting for your assistance that Masai can be able to cater for himself after he comes out of a local district hospital. Let’s join hands and help restore dignity to this young man – he lost a limb and an arm.

Donations can be wired through CO-OPERATIVE BANK ACC NO 01108118019300 Name Sammy Kariuki Waiganjo.

Author: sweetmoran

A social entrepreneur who strife to finding solutions to restoring and safeguarding our natural environment.

2 thoughts on “Help Raise Medical bill for hippo-attack Victim”

  1. Hallo dear happy people.I’m humbly appealing for your assistance that we can acquire a prosthetic leg for Masai.
    He comes from a needy background plus he is the sole breadwinner in his family of four.
    With this he could be able to go back to fishing – as he used to, without a boat.
    Thank You In Advance.


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